MoonClaw Series Book 2
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MoonClaw Series – Book 1

Sometimes your wolf knows better than you.

Time is running out for shifter Ray. With his thirtieth birthday fast approaching, he knows he must select a mate or lose the coveted rank of Beta to the Ghuardian.

Fiercely independent Rajini has to stay with a hostile Beta as his potential mate. Desperate to return to her pack, Rajini agrees to complete the three-month trial, despite constantly clashing with the arrogant and overbearing Ray.

But with their inner wolves deciding they are a perfect match, Ray and Rajini find it impossible to deny the passion that threatens to consume them. Will they follow their hearts or fight against their nature?

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MoonClaw Series – Book 2

Sometimes you need to let your wolf guide you.

After surviving an attack by his friend and fellow beta, Tala tries to pick up the pieces of his old life. Things have changed. His body isn’t what it was, and the only light in his darkness is the healer working on him.

Ambitious wolf shifter Caitlin gets the chance to work as a healer for the Ghuardian. While trying to prove her worth, she finds herself falling for one of her patients—something no healer should ever give in to.

As the both of them struggle with their own demons, a war is brewing. Will Tala and Caitlin come together, or will they fall apart?



M.L. Francis

Inspiring Novelist and Author

M.L. Francis has a passion for writing paranormal romances with strong male and female leads. All her books address social themes and challenge you to think beyond the boundaries of the ordinary.