M.L. Francis


M.L. Francis has a passion for writing paranormal romances with strong male and female leads. All her books address social themes and challenge you to think beyond the boundaries of the ordinary.


M.L. Francis has loved writing since she was a teenager, practicing and honing her skills with one of her best friends on an almost daily basis. This playful way of writing has resulted in the books she has already written and will be writing in the future.


M.L. Francis has had a love for books since she was very young, starting off with her favorite authors like Roald Dahl and Anthony Horowitz. As a teenager she developed a love for fantasy, reading—like many others—all of the Harry Potter books, and a lot of high fantasy novels.


M.L. Francis loves her family: her husband, two children, and her cat. She spends most of her free time with them.